《What is Iaido?》

Iaido is a practical technique of defeating enemies that have been set up.
Iai will deal with the enemy’s attack without removing the sword, rather than confronting with the sword removed from the sheath.

《What is Bushido?》

Bushido is a way of thinking to protect important people.
In the old days, it’s about the castle owner, and in the present day, cherish yourself, your family, your friends.

However, Bushido spirit has various interpretations. For example,

“I realized that death is all about Bushido.”
“Bushido spirit is a heart that seeks a harmony of Shinto, Confucianism, and Buddhism.”
“A spirit unique to Japan”
“The ideal of Bushido is peace.”
“To be considerate of the weak, and give a guiding principle and warning to the strong.”

As you see, Bushido spirit has various interpretations.

Through Iai, we hope that you will find your own Bushido based on “Jin, Gi, Rei, Ti, Shin, Yu, Ga” that are essential to Bushido spirit.