《Representative/Instructor’s Biography》

Photo [From left, Shinohara, Master Kiyota, sibling Mizuno]

Shinohara Michiyoshi

(1959) Born in Ehime, to Kochi.

(2007) Introduced to Yasuomi Kiyota Taizan, 10th Hanshi (Kodaira City Iaido Federation).

(2010) All Japan Iaido Federation, Sandan

(2011) Established the Shinsyu Iaido Federation

(2018) Shinshu Iaido Federation 7th Dan

(2020) Established the Higashiyamato-city Iaido Federation Tojinkai

(2021) Appointed as the second chairman of the Shinshu Iaido Federation, which is the upper body of the Higashiyamato-city Iaido Federation Tojinkai.

(2022) Shinshu Iaido Federation Kyoshi

The first encounter with Iai was in my thirties when I visited a gym.
It was so quiet there and all I could hear was the sound of a sword cutting through the air.
Impressed by the experience that I could calm myself down in the quiet atmosphere of the dojo, I thought that I wanted to learn Iai someday.

It was ten years later when I visited the dojo again.
Even though I had no knowledge of swords or budo, I started to learn Iai.
I met teachers and seniors, colleagues and juniors through practice, who were familiar with swords and traditional martial arts. The dojo had people of various ages from teens to people in their 80s.

Iaido techniques and tools (swords) are deep and I am still studying.
I would like to practice Iai with you all, having a good time at the dojo.